Todd Wilson

entrepreneurial engineer

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator

Personal Calling

I’m gifted in integrating words and ideas into pictures of future possibilities.  I help leaders turn their vision and good intentions into strategies for 100X impact using fact-based, perspective-guided decision making.

I’m an entrepreneurial engineer, who envisages opportunity, wherever there’s potential for 100X faith-motivated impact!

Natural Roles

I’m naturally drawn to strategic advising, entrepreneurial coaching, activating opportunities, creating solutions,  leveraging resources, scaling results, and life planning

Primary Focus

I’m driven to see  multiplication become a normative measure of success in Christian churches. This compels me to:

Entrepreneurial History

As a strategic activator and entrepreneur, I love to start new things. I’ve had the blessing of founding / co-founding a number of faith-based organizations, including the ones below. I can help you activate the dreams God is placing on your heart!

I’ve also had the blessing of contributing to the design and launch of several national church planting networks including, Stadia, New Thing Network, Vision 360, ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians), and the Church Multiplication Network (CMN).

My Story

I received a B.S. in nuclear engineering from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree equivalent from the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. I spent 15 years serving in the Division of Naval Reactors, one of the top engineering organizations in the world, on nuclear submarine design, operation, maintenance, and overhaul.

Full-time vocational ministry was not my childhood dream! After a two-year, mid-career wrestling match with God, I was ordained into full‐time vocational ministry in 2000 as the Executive Pastor at New Life Christian Church where I played a visionary and strategic role as New Life grew and implemented key initiatives such as multisite, externally focused, and church planting.

Unique Approach

I serve as a strategic advisor and coach, using a missionary funding model. Instead of serving as a paid consultant in a transactional context, I manage a portfolio of projects and relationships on behalf of donors who fund and have a front row seat to my portfolio of work.

Similar to a mutual fund with the top stocks in a sector, my portfolio is strategically selected and continually updated to include strong leaders and projects with the greatest potential for impacting the future of church planting.

Portfolio Selection

The leaders and ministries I serve are interconnected and share the common underlying goal of seeing an increasing number of healthy, disciple-making, reproducing churches. Leaders and projects move in and out of my active portfolio based on how I can best steward my gifting. I’m able to to actively engage a portfolio of 7 to 12 leaders, projects, and ministries at a time.

Thought Leadership

Writing is how I clarify my personal thinking around frameworks for understanding and accelerating church multiplication. My published works include:

My next book, Facing the Giant: Rethinking Church Growth and Overcoming Our Consumer Driven Operating System, will be available in early 2024. This book identifies and dissects 8 dilemmas with our current consumer driven church operating system.

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