Find Your Calling Podcast

Find Your Calling PodcastEach episode of the Find Your Calling podcast includes an interview with a different leader on the topic of calling. Our goals are simple: To help listeners understand the Biblical perspective on calling and to help listeners gain more clarity on their unique personal calling.

My Podcast - Find Your Calling PodcastThe podcast is based on the book MORE: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest Measure.  We use the BE-DO-GO framework from the book and address the historical context of primary and secondary calling. MORE gives people a simple framework and memorable language for pursuing their calling.

In nature, God has created 1,000s of sweet spots.  From baseball bats to the acoustics in rooms, God’s handiwork includes sweet spots.  So what about people? Every sweet spot in nature includes a design, a purpose and a position.  Its not by coincidence that these 3 elements align the the 3 questions that burden people in their restlessness and discontentment:  Who am I created to BE?  What am I made to DO?  Where am I to GO to do it?   The BE-DO-GO questions represent the sweet spot of our calling.

Each person interviewed on the podcast addresses truths, shares their journey, and provides tips for gaining clarity on the BE-DO-GO questions.

My Podcast - Find Your Calling Podcast

The book MORE and the podcast are based on John 10:10.  Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly”.  Or as some translations say, “have it to the full”.  In pursuing our unique personal calling, we must moving from passively “having life” to “taking hold” of abundantly more.  Finding our unique sweet spot helps us move into the fullness God intends.

The book and podcast are NOT intended to be another “self help” resource to make us feel better about ourselves and more satisfied with life.  Instead, calling helps us draw closer to God as we pursue having the fullness of Jesus in us, and we seek to carry that fullness to other people.  We are to be poured into by the fullness of Jesus, and then to pour out that fullness to others.

Each week a different leader is interviewed to share their story and perspective on personal calling.  Leaders include Francis Chan, Os Guinness, Thom Rainer, Carey Nieuwhof, Brad Lomenick, Jenni Catron, Ron Edmondson, Mark Batterson, and more.

My Podcast - Find Your Calling Podcast