Find Your Calling Podcast

The first edition of the Find Your Calling Podcast is now live!  Each episode includes an interview with a different leader on the topic of calling. My goals are simple.  First, to help listeners understand the Biblical perspective on calling.  Second, to see how others have discerned their calling.  Third, to help listeners gain more clarity on their unique personal calling.

I use the BE-DO-GO framework from my book MORE.  Who am I created to BE?  What am I made to DO?  Where am I to GO?  MORE was written to give people a simple framework and vocabulary for pursuing their calling.  The BE-DO-GO framework can be used throughout a person’s lifetime. Each person I interview will give us a glimpse into the truths of calling.  They will also share insights from their unique journey of gaining clarity on their personal calling.

In this first episode, you’ll learn more about me, my calling, and my passion on the topic of personal calling.  My friend Bobby Harrington, founding pastor of Harpeth Christian Church and, facilitates the interview.

Introduction: Find Your Calling Podcast



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