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Pete RichardsonPete Richardson joins us for the next episode of the Find Your Calling Podcast.  In this conversation, Pete shares how discovering and following his true calling of “map maker” has led to true clarity for his life.

For eight years years, Pete served on the leadership team for the national movement Promise Keepers, helping steer the organization until 2000. It was there that Pete met Tom Paterson from the Paterson Center who introduced him to what would become his future path of life planning—helping individuals and organizations figure out where they are, where God wants them to go and then creating maps for moving them in that direction. Since 1993, Richardson has done 800+ LifePlans. Today, he is a partner and lead trainer at the Paterson Center. In the podcast excerpt below, Pete talks about the importance of understanding and grasping our core identity—the “be” part of the personal calling framework I write about in my book, More.


Pete Richardson on Calling

“I call the ‘be’ component the Intel chip. The desire from God for us as human beings, as His creations, is that our Intel chip would be defined by how He thinks and feels about us. In life planning, we call that our core identity—if how I really think and feel about myself is aligned with how God thinks and feels about me. I find with Christians, we may mentally know the biblical answers to the question [How does God think and feel about me?], but we haven’t really let that truth seep deep into the soul. Are we operating out of a core identity that really believes and impacts how we think, live, and relate in our lives? And is that identity aligned with God’s? So if there’s a big gap between how God feels and thinks about me and how I feel and think about me, we’ve got to start there. Out of that Intel chip comes everything—how you relate to people, how you navigate life, how you make decisions, how you respond to fear, how you take risks, how you follow your calling.”

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Pete Richardson is a partner and lead trainer at the Paterson Center and a facilitator of both StratOps and LifePlans. He has taken hundreds of individuals and organizations through the StrapOp process, most notably Otterbox. Pete was the fifth employee hired at Promise Keepers and stayed with the company until 2000, serving as vice president of communications and creative services. He then worked with a law firm and literary agency, where he worked with top-selling authors to develop their content and publishing plans. Pete has been married to his best friend, Janet, since 1985 and they have two children, Jordan and Pearce. The Richardsons live in Louisville, Colorado.

Pete Richardson - Find Your Calling Podcast

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